California: Studio City

In an extremely disturbing recent action, someone hacked into the home printer network of a Studio City, Los Angeles family and, two days in a row, this 3-page letter appeared in the tray of their printer. It starts, “Dear Fellow Fascists” and asks if they are “ready for the reckoning” and if their “kill kits” are packed. It ends in all caps, “WHEN TRUMP ELECTED WE GONNA PURGE THE JEWS 1488.”


As you can imagine, you would be pretty freaked out to receive this message in your home. It’s the stuff of horror films.

Turns out, this is just another wave of a mass hacking of old printers. An infamous hacker known as Weev exploited a weakness in “publicly accessible networked printers” that made them receptive to printing out whatever he wanted via a line of code. Then he wrote about it and published that code on his blog. So  now wave after wave of hate filled messages show up in the printer trays of unsuspecting victims.

If you are one of them, contact the authorities. There is a way to get justice via a “Junk Fax” law which fines the offender $500 per flier. And $500 x (Weev’s self reported number) 47,ooo printers is $23,500,000.

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