Puppet Slams Trump then Slams him Harder!

The puppet in this video will tell it exactly how he sees it. He pulls no punches. He is not ambiguous. He is angry. He makes no bones about it. He can’t understand how idiots don’t see the obvious truth. He is infuriated. He wants justice. He calls a spade a spade. He is American but he has traveled the world. He loves blacks, gays, Jews, women, whites, yellows, browns, reds, Muslims, immigrants, lesbians and natives of all lands alike. The only thing he hates is haters and liars. He thinks God is a fairy tale just like Santa but he is not anti your religion unless your religion impedes on other people’s freedoms. He is brash. He doesn’t mince words. He is okay being called a safe space seeking crybaby snowflake but he thinks you’re a moron for saying it. He knows karate and he’s not going to take any crap from anyone. He doesn’t like to curse. He’s passionate. He wants the best for you. He might say things you already know but he doesn’t want to be ashamed of being unoriginal. He’s happy if you laugh. He’s unhappy if you don’t listen. He doesn’t want you to be cynical or passive for any reason. He wants you to stand up, unafraid, and fight.

1 Comment on Puppet Slams Trump then Slams him Harder!

  1. This was great. It amazes me people don’t see all of this, apparently. We are saying good-bye to the best President we have had in my lifetime, certainly the one with the most integrity and the one who’s basic value system most closely resembles the best ideals of our founding, and we are turning the Presidency of the U.S. over to Donald Trump. The mind reels.

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