MATZA FOR A NAZI: A story of how a few Shabbat dinners changed a White Supremacist’s mind

Here we have a story of a boy named Derek Black, groomed from a young age to be the future leader of the white-supremacy movement, who as a young man would help mainstream racism, perhaps even helping to carve out a path to presidential victory for one Donald Trump. But at 21, Derek would enroll in a liberal arts college where a forward-thinking Jewish student named Matthew Stevenson would invite Derek to Shabbat dinner, change his mind about his racist ideas and quite possibly change the future of America. If you’re looking to educate yourself on how the “white-nationalist” movement emerged, or to see how a few thoughtful people were able to reprogram a racist mind, or to rethink assumptions you may have about redemption of apparently lost souls, this Washington Post story is well worth reading…

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