Kellyanne’s World

A professor at the Pratt Institute, Tim O’Brien, famous for painting that recent TIME Magazine cover…


…had another idea when he saw Kellyanne sitting so awkwardly on the sofa in the Oval Office.

“When I saw her sit like that, I thought about it that day and after hearing that the Trump White House withdrew from the voting rights case in Texas, a decision that would make it harder for people of color to vote in that state. The contrast of seeing her gleefully tweet this meeting, a signing of an executive action to make traditional black colleges a priority, with ZERO dollars allocated, I saw right through it.

“I think sitting on the couch like that was not dignified, not a way to comport oneself in the Oval Office. I thought of this odd pose, how it was like Christina in ‘Christina’s World’ by Andrew Wyeth. We’re all living in Kellyanne’s World now, and I added the White House to complete the image. It is silly, a mockery of the pose and the teen-like tweeting.”

More about the painting on Hyperallergenic.

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