• Anti-Fascists vs. White Nationalists

    This weekend the alt-right took their hate to ground zero of the 1960s Free Speech movement and pretty much all things lefty. The press tried to simplify it to Anti-Trump vs. >>>
  • True Flag Operation

    The trouble began when some attendees took out pro-Trump flags to wave during the president’s speech that also happened to have the same white-blue-and-red striped pattern >>>
  • Evil Asshole of the Year

    We at EvilAsshole think much of what Steve Bannon says is oddly relatable. Relatable because like most Americans, we are interested in economic and physical security, both of >>>
  • Killer Mike

    We love Killer Mike and we love what he has to say here in this great NPR interview. “I don’t have a sense of dread, to be honest,” Killer Mike explains. >>>

    This 35 page bombshell dropped courtesy Buzzfeed. First of all: is it real?? Secondly: does it matter? The right continually parrots back info that is widely discredited, >>>
  • Leonard Cohen/Democracy

    In 1995, composers tomandandy wrote the music for a project called “The United States of Poetry” — a beautiful collage of little “poetry videos”,  directed by >>>
  • Who Checks the Crosscheck?

    Potential Russian interference in our elections is disturbing, but the reality of domestic malicious American interference in our free elections is daunting. Checkout one of >>>
  • It was the racism, Stupid.

    “The dominant narrative for explaining the rise of Donald Trump and his fascist movement has been centered upon the “white working class” and its purported >>>
  • Welcome to the Gayborhood

    In the affluent Washington neighborhood of Chevy Chase, the tinsel, poinsettias and Christmas trees are competing for attention this holiday season with an unusual house >>>
  • The Polish Example

    “The Law and Justice Party rode to power on a pledge to drain the swamp of Polish politics and roll back the legacy of the previous administration. One year later, its >>>
  • Non-Marching Bands

    We applaud the marching bands who are refusing to participate in Donald Trump’s inauguration.  We don’t think it’s particularly patriotic to help celebrate >>>
  • Voodoo Economics

    Though we don’t believe in Voodoo, we do think that putting pins and needles into effigies of Donald Trump and his cohorts is psychologically sound.  Many modern >>>
  • The Art of Louise Bonnet

    Louise Bonnet’s paintings tend to lay bare the grotesque flaws and absurdities of our lives in playful, cartoonish, surreal, childish color; amplifying a certain kind >>>
  • We need more of this guy.

    Nic Smith is a self described “White Trash Hillbilly”.  He has a pretty concise, clear point of view on how Donald Trump wooed ordinary, decent people into >>>
  • Assault on Reporters

    After publicly refusing to give Donald Trump a get out of jail free card for charges of rape that had been leveled against him in the past by his own wife, Fox news host >>>
  • Lunch at the Trump Grill(e)

    Reading this very nasty review of Donald Trump’s restaurant as reported by our friends at Vanity Fair it is very pleasurable… After reading it, we suggest you go >>>
  • Welcome to Trumpworld

    None of us has ESP and none of us were in the room when it happened, so we don’t know if these football players are standing up for guys who are guilty or innocent.  >>>


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