How to alert businesses

STEP 1. Hold your nose and go to Breitbart website.

STEP 2. Locate an ad (preferably a brand that you have used in the past or would consider using) that features a tiny blue triangle in the upper right hand corner that says “AdChoices” when you hover over it. Click triangle.

STEP 3. That triangle will launch a Google AdSense help page. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page. “Leave feedback on the website or ad you just saw. The issue(s) were with the website. With the ads.” Click “website.”

STEP 4: Click the reason marked: The site promotes racial intolerance, or advocacy against an individual, group, or organization. There is an additional space at the bottom to fill out with your specific complaint. You can freestyle here whatever response you think best. Something along the lines of: I would never buy a product that advertised on a website that promotes hate speech.

STEP 5: Repeat with the next ad.

UPDATE: It must be working, in the few weeks of this campaign to report the website, 400+ business have blocked Breitbart from their ad buys and the remaining businesses that are advertising are snake oil sounding treatments for bad knees and the like.